Sai Iron ( Round, WOODEN HANDLES) (Pair)

Sai Iron ( Round, WOODEN HANDLES) (Pair)


Handmade sai made of solid wrought iron with long lathe turning (not casted iron), with ISO certified powder coating cured in high temperature oven. 

Iron can be round OR polygonal.
Handle can be rope covered in 3 different colours - red, blue or black OR wooden (specially treated as all other wooden weapons)


If you wish to have the option to change tsuka gashira of Dreametal Kobudo Sai, you much inform us upon ordering your sai, so that tsuka gashira of your sais is able to unscrew. If this notice is not placed ahead ordering, tsuka gashira of your sais will not be able to be replaced.

The sai is a three-pronged truncheon sometimes mistakenly believed to be a variation on a tool used to create furrows in the ground. This is highly unlikely as metal on Okinawa was in short supply at this time and a stick would have served this purpose more satisfactorily for a poor commoner, or Heimin. The sai appears similar to a short sword, but is not bladed and the end is traditionally blunt. The weapon is metal and of the truncheon class with its length dependent upon the forearm of the user. The two shorter prongs on either side of the main shaft are used for trapping (and sometimes breaking) other weapons such as a sword or bo. A third sai was often carried behind the back in the belt sash (obi) as a replacement for a hand-held sai that was thrown at an opponent.
Sai techniques closely resemble those of karate, and its use develops strong wrists and forearms.

Special dimensions of all weapons can be arranged upon request. Other special projects are welcomed and can be discussed


Prices and shipping costs may change to your benefit  in case of purchasing more items.


Customer is responsible for checking all applicable laws and regulations concerning the purchase of kobudo weapons.


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