Weapons Specifications

All Dreametal Kobudo weapons are handmade with precision and delicacy and they are well-balanced.

Selection of wood is of great importance to Dreametal Kobudo craftmanship. Every piece of wood is carefully checked for imperfections.
Wood types are beech, oak and greek walnut. These are hard types of wood. Oak and greek walnut are 20% heavier than beech.
Greek walnut is a special type of wood with significant grain.

Chosen piece of hard wood is transpormed to final shape and  processed with impregnation wood preservative and insecticide varnish, that doesn't not leave a film onto the wood. As a result, the wood is free for moving without cracks and pealing and it doesn't stick on the hands and has a velvet touch.

Metal weapons made of solid wrought iron with long lathe turning (not casted iron). Final step is  ISO certified powder coating cured in high temperature oven.

Metal weapons can also be made of INOX (stainless steel) which is rust free. Inox weapons are not powder coated in order to avoid cracks on paint after metal to metal hits.

Tinbe is made out of bronze.