Delivery Information

PLEASE NOTICE THAT IF YOU WISH TO ORDER MORE THAN ONE ITEM, YOU SHOULD CONTACT DREAMETAL KOBUDO BY E-MAIL IN ORDER TO CALCULATE SHIPPING COST TO YOUR COUNTRY. We have 3 different shipping methods, and depending on the volume of the order, we caluclate shipping cost to client's benefit. 

All possible local custom charges, will be paid from the customer.

Order Cancellation

Cancellation may be made in the following cases:

1.Before completing the order during the online ordering process you can press the button "Cancel" which is on your screen. Clicking on it automatically stops ordering process.

2.If you have completed the online order but we have not yet shipped the product you can call +30 21 0973 3558  and we will take care of cancelling your order.

Product Returns

All our products are handmade items, all manufactured with detail and carefully checked before shipment. Therefore, we don't accept returns and refunds. Nevertheless, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the items you received please contact us by mail at sales[at] to discuss your disappointment.

Money Refunds

Call us at +30 21 0973 3558  or form of withdrawal or contact us via our contact form .