About Us

Dreametal Kobudo is a newly formed brand but bearing big experience and legacy. Its founder, Mr. Christos Papapanos has long experience in wood and metal transformation. After taking his diploma in Industrial Designing from Middlesex University, Mr. Papapanos took over his father’s business in Lighting Manufacturing and expanded it. Nowadays, Dreametal specializes in designing and manufacturing tailor-made and handmade furniture, lighting and other special projects.

Since a young boy, Christos was watching martial arts movies. He was motivated by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and tried to imitate them. He started training in Tang Soo Do and mixed martial arts for some years. He participated in championships and won metals but this was not what his heart was looking for. During this time, he had been praying that God may bring an inspired teacher in his life. In 1997 he had met Kyoshi Babis Polychronopoulos, head of Suibukan Organization Greece (traditional Okinawan martial arts Shorin Ryu Karate Do, Matayoshi Kobudo and Yamasita Suikendo) and trainee of Master Tadashi Yamashita, through a business collaboration. Through the years Kyoshi became Christos’ business affiliate, consultant, friend and Godfather to his children. In 2003 Kyoshi Polychronopoulos became Christos’ teacher but above all his mentor. Kyoshi’s death in 2014, was devastating but on the other hand it was the “push” that Christos needed to take his love for martial arts to the next level and “give birth” to Dreametal Kobudo project.

In Dreametal Kobudo, Christos Papapanos combined his professional expertise in handling wood and iron with his personal research in traditional kobudo weapons. Dreametal Kobudo weapons and makiwaras are made of high quality materials in traditional shapes. Every piece of wood is personally selected and every piece of iron is specially treated. Every Dreametal Kobudo weapon is individually modified by hand in precision, it’s carefully inspected and cautiously packed till it meets its final owner.

In 2004, Christos Papapanos designed and created another project, a mechanical dummy with flexible “arms” that can be moved or removed or added in different positions. This mechanical dummy can help with karate and Kobudo training.